“A bonsai of my dream

Have yourself a little bonsai, tiny verdant mountain embraced with water, keeping all your path of where to here….

Things of the world is getting more numerous and complicated; people even feel more confuses to move forward inside the gaps of over crowed cities. And I am so lucky to live in somewhere by the sea, there are some high place I loves to go whenever I can, sitting there doing nothing, just to survey the enchanting mountains from an elevated position, especially when the moon lighting up the clear sky at night, the silvery shadows mirroring the total different appearance from the day time flourishing, then I couldn’t help myself to fall in this unfathomable scenery, which only leads me to my imagination of the creatures from the Shan Hai Jing(Classic of Mountains and Seas, probably compiled c. 500 BC-200 BC, contains wide rangs of geography, mythology, witchcraft, popular customs etc.), they all taking care the seas and mountains in an eccentric way.

Macau got the most density church in the world, we famous because of it, no one would give any doubt. Along four centuries pasts, local people believes Buddhism as we might, but undoubtedly Catholicism still playing a key role deep in this city. I educated in catholic school from childhood, the clerical attires always attached a fairy kind of mysticism, I find them just what I like in my imaginary gods… “